There’s more, but I’m so upset that I can’t use it.

My friends helped my boyfriend do a proposal event and we broke up after having wine and catering in the party room together. At the end of the month, I found out while organizing the receipts. Except for my boyfriend, A, C, D, and E. Four of us are roommates. I gave my boyfriend a receipt to remit 2.4 million won. My boyfriend told me that he was going to buy me a second round of drinks for his proposal, and that’s what he did. He’s a lot more than I expected, but he’s got a little ambiguous, so he just decided to take care of it. I prepared 150 party rooms and events that day, but if I were going to give you that money, it would have been cheap to call the company.

7. When it was hard to get a mask, my boyfriend told me to save a lot of stuff in the beginning, so I piled it up in a warehouse of about 5,000 of them. When it soared to 4,000 won per unit, I told my friends to buy it because they had some stock, and they asked me to send it by courier. In the end, all 5 of us will send 300 by courier. Even if it’s not 4,000 won, I have to pay the cost, but no one pays me. Even the delivery fee. But he doesn’t want to receive it either. They’ll give you this reaction.

There’s more, but I’m so upset that I can’t use it.

You know, I’m the one who’s gonna do the shit and I’m the one who’s gonna fix it.

He’ll always give it to me, he’ll do it, he’ll do it one day.

I’m the only one who’s going crazy.

It’s not just friends, it’s usually men who are relaxed.

And then you try to move on.

Even among his friends, I’m the only one who looks like a crazy idiot.

I recently found out that they call me Elsa.

It’s Elsa. It’s gonna get cold.

To be honest with you, I think he thinks he’s a friend alone friend.

And the funny thing is, you know you’re wrong, or you’re afraid I’ll tell you something.

He keeps hiding it, but he’s caught hiding it again because he’s not perfect.

This time, the decisive factor is…

I was drinking at C’s and whining that C’s not on sale.

Hey, we’re selling it to D, so he doesn’t go to the store often, but it’s expensive.

He drank Japanese sake. Four bottles, but it costs about 70,000 to 80,000 won.

The price at the store is 200,000 won, but it’s 200,000 won, calculated 4 bottles.

My boyfriend paid 800,000 won by himself.

This really makes them cry and fight and that’s how they feel about you.

They are friends and you are a guest. I did it and I did it’s okay.

Don’t talk too much. We’re helping each other.

So I told him not to contact me for a while.

It happened this weekend, and I didn’t answer your calls and messages today.

To be honest with you, when you look at them and me,

I don’t think you’ll choose me.

I’m selfish, so I don’t think I should be a friend before me, not a family member.

I didn’t set a date, but I even said hello. I came to see you on the holidays.

Even before that, I took care of my mother’s birthday and holiday gifts.

I feel more mixed up because my mother keeps in touch with me and likes me.

This is the end of the relationship, right?

I guess I made the right decision, didn’t I?

There was a definite process by which one made people into friends, and it involved talking to them and listening to them for hours at a time. My mother used to say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. She's now in a maximum security twilight home in Australia. I've learned that all a person has in life is family and friends. If you lose those, you have nothing, so friends are to be treasured more than anything else in the world.

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